The “No King Charles of Canada” campaign is Republic Now’s major current initiative.

The objective is to create and implement a campaign, in Toronto, using transit advertising, which will spread the message that twenty-first century Canada does not need a monarch.

Canada will more fully live up to its own ideals as a republic and will confirm its political independence when it assumes control over its highest executive office, that of head of state.

We’ve entered the twenty-first century and still have an archaic, unegalitarian, undemocratic institution at the apex of our governmental structure.

Furthermore, with no Canadian involvement or input, the son of our current head of state is set to inherit our highest executive office in the near future.

A long-overdue national debate regarding our identification as a monarchy is urgently required. The “No King Charles of Canada” campaign intends to prompt this debate!

The next steps in launching this campaign are as follows:

1) identify the slogans and visual elements which will most effectively convey our message. This forum will be the primary avenue for discussion of the components of the campaign.

2) decide on the most effective publicity strategy, i.e. choose from exterior bus posters, subway
station posters, in-train and in-bus posters

3) determine the necessary budget to implement an effective campaign

4) design and launch a crowd-funding campaign to raise necessary funds. (I was originally in
favour of running the crowd-funding campaign on a site called but have
recently learned of another site,, which charges a lower commission on money

5) issue press release describing the “No King Charles of Canada” campaign, highlighting the
crowd-funding initiative.

6) negotiate the details of the campaign (ie. type of advertising, duration of campaign, region of
implementation) with Pattison Advertising and launch the campaign!

Campaign Elements

Please provide feedback on these possible slogans and the image using the comment box below. Imagine this banner on the side of a bus. Which slogans do you think are most effective? Does the image effectively convey the message that Charles is not acceptable as our next head of state?

2) No King Charles of Canada! Democracy, not monarchy.

3) Stop outsourcing our top job!

3b) Lets stop outsourcing our top job!

4) King Charles of Canada? Just Say No!

5) No King Charles, eh?

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Suzanne ten Haaf · February 16, 2016 at 4:07 pm

Quite simply Thank you

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