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Our mission is to advocate for the replacement of the non-resident, British monarch as Canada’s Head of State with a democratically-selected, resident, Canadian.

A Canadian Head of State

When Canada takes control of it office of head of state, by filling the position independently and internally, we will achieve another milestone in our evolution as a nation.

Constitutional autonomy

Constitutional autonomy most other modern states take for granted. It will enable our office of head of state to embody and express core values upheld by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


The severing of the link with the British monarchy is necessary for Canada to achieve constitutional autonomy and control over its highest executive office.

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Ashok Charles

Ashok Charles


Ashok Charles is a founding member and the current Executive Director of Republic Now. Read more

Our Board Members

Our Board Members

Wayne Adam - Ron Berdusco - Martin Bosch - Ashok Charles - Marc Cormier - Michael McAteer - Sean McCann - Ed Meade - Tony O’Donohue - Randall White. Read more