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  1. Why don’t you people get involved with something important like making suggestions for the economy, supporting pipelines and getting rid of Justin Trudeau which would be incredibly useful for all Canadians. Our economy is tanking and here you are with some nonsense that the majority of Canadians would never support of a vote was held on it. What a bunch of arseholes. Jim Orr, FCIP

    • Why don’t you guys focus on a more important issue? The constitutional monarchy is a system of government that has served this country well for over a hundred years. Good luck trying to amend the Constitution because your cause is nothing more than a pipe dream, not to mention a waste of time. Long may Her Majesty reign over Canada.

      • @Ken Wong I can’t think of any more patriotic endeavor than giving Canada a head of state of its own. We created our citizenship, made our court supreme over anything overseas, ended British tinkering with the Constitution, and replaced a colonial ensign with a proud and independent flag. The final step is to give ourselves a head of state. That will complete our nationhood and eventually Canadianize symbols (e.g., coat of arms, Great Seal, et al.) which have employed Britain’s crown jewels and emblems for far too long. I can’t think of a better 150th birthday present than doing this.

    • Jim, a great nation can walk and chew gum at the same time. The Dominion can address multiple priorities, and an important one has to do with the symbols by which we know our nation. We’ve borrowed from Buckingham Palace long enough, and it’s time, at age 150, that we finally had a head of state who is Canadian, lives here, and is chosen in a democratic way. As for public support, I’ve seen several polls indicating a slight majority in favor of patriating the head of state, and would guess that a proper public discourse would only increase that number.

    • Ignoratio elenchi / Red Herring fallacy. Also known as: beside the point, misdirection [form of], changing the subject, false emphasis, the Chewbacca defense, irrelevant conclusion, irrelevant thesis, smokescreen, clouding the issue.

      Attempting to redirect the argument to another issue that to which the person doing the redirecting can better respond. While it is similar to the avoiding the issue fallacy, the red herring is a deliberate diversion of attention with the intention of trying to abandon the original argument.

    • Times are changing Jim Orr, FCIP. See, eg : “Majority of Canadians say ties to monarchy should be cut when Queen dies: poll”

      Time for both you & your idea of Canada to grow up. (O and btw getting rid of Justin Trudeau isn’t something all that many Canadians want to do either. And he’s already supported two pipelines.) Cheers.

  2. Republic Now,
    Your goal is ambitious in a country that has rested for too long in ambiguity and has preferred to grow under the wing of UK’s monarchy rather than brave the future alone in a grown up, mature way. Independence and autonomy are overdue in this country. Kudos for spearheading a cause that so many Canadians would support but that unfortunately is stopped by dusty, rusty people that still hold power to abort it.
    It is vox populi that everyone in this country nobody cares about the Queen and Vegas buttocks-showing successors. Every time a royal visits the only ones lining up are either veterans of war (regardless of the respect they deserve), people associated to military or war times, as well as pre-baby boomers. Newcomers, as much as they value the opportunity this country gives them, do not understand why they have to give an oath to a rancid monarchy that has only served to entertain people with salacious scandals. It’s inexplicable, and most importantly, unacceptable.
    Keep up the good work. don’t give up. Some day will come when there will be a republic in our beloved country.

  3. I’m tired of Kowtowing to people who have immigrated to Canada just to force their beliefs on others. I’m all for hard working Canadian loving immigrants, but you should be coming to our country with the advance knowledge of our laws and customs……to get rid of the monarchy as it might offend some people is not only ludicrous, it’s a disgrace.

  4. I whole heartily agree with ending in monarchy, but I also believe that we need to end the political party system form of government, fot it is outdated, bought off and divisive. Time we also talk about bring in The Council Of The People – a concensous democracy by the people. Decision Making by the people….

    And their is a model for this, if we putour racism to the side, and look at Spiritual Democracy called the Great Law of Peace – the Iroquois Constitution!

    Anytime you have a government over the people you do not have a true democracy, you just have a political machine, pulling the wool over your eyes by saying you have a vote!

    But maybe this is pass all your heads to understand….. But it is time to talk about it!

  5. you have taken my comment off, so you don’t believe in honest discussion. You have lost my support! I will let others know of your attitude….

  6. Hitler called her, ‘the most dangerous woman in the world’; who was he referring to? The Queen Elizabeth, the current Queen’s mother. He realized the stability, strength, vitality and resolve of the monarchy would be a huge road block to his determination to dominate the world is his diabolical world view.
    For you well meaning folks to be tinkering with such an institution for what??
    Perhaps well meaning at best, but a foolish and maybe a dangerous path you’d be leading us down at it’s worst.
    The freedom and enjoyment that I have in Canada would not be enhanced by ridding our country of the Queen.

    • Scott : Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s rule of Nazi analogies) is an Internet adage asserting that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazism or Hitler approaches 1.

      • Ha- point well taken; I had no intention to go down that road. Good luck on your initiative, just not too much luck. Having Canadians engaged and open to discussion is a good thing.

  7. Do you imbeciles even know what the monarchy stands for and what it brings to Canada? The Monarchy ensures stability in the sense that no one government or Prime Minister can refuse the rule of law and not hold free elections… the office of the queen, through the Governor General (who but the way was university professor of mine at the university of Waterloo). Essentially it guarantees that a dictator along the lines of a Canadian version of Donald Trump who may have seized the power of reckless and unrestrained populism, becomes an unelected dictator. Further since the office of the queen is entrenched within the central political institutions, it would need the unanimous consent of The house of Commons, The Senate and all 10 provincial legislatures… so if you are old enough of smart enough (which I seriously doubt) to remember The Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords, you should know that such an initiative is virtually impossible. Further, Canada is an independent state and the the queen has no official power… that’s what we have the Governor General for… you people should seriously try reading the constitution… it would likely prevent you from further embarrassments.

  8. Canada is a great country. We were first settled by the French and then the British. A war and then: The subsequent Canadian Acts brought Canada to be more independent. But Canada has not fully shaken off the British presence. Our democracy is not complete with a Head of State that is not elected but assigned from social status. We must write our laws in British language and we have to drop our flag if any Royal comes to visit. The British abhor being a colony. They fought the preChristian occupation with extreme violence. And even more when France and England fought the 100 Year War. Canada must do everything under the name of a European power house. By definition we are a colony. Most of us want a fully independent country.

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