Republic Now ad campaign is a first, and a grassroots push

Preliminary design

May 18, 2016 –Toronto   As Victoria Day approaches, Republic Now announces an ad campaign to help ensure Elizabeth II is the last British monarch to reign over Canada. Republic Now plans to take out ads on public transit that challenge Canada’s habit of plagiarizing Britain’s head of state. It’s the first ad campaign to ever […]

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US could beat Canada in featuring historic Canadian resident on new $20 bill

Harriet Tubman, a historic Canadian resident, will grace the front of the next US $20 bill

April 21, 2016 –Toronto    The United States promises to feature a historic Canadian resident on its next $20 bill, something Canada, itself, has never done, but which is long overdue. Harriet Tubman, the famous “conductor” on the Underground Railroad and who lived for eight years in St. Catharines, Ontario, will replace Andrew Jackson on the […]

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Mistaken identity: Ottawa says British flag symbolizes world body

The Commonwealth flag was inspired by a Canadian design, yet Canada says the British flag is our symbol of membership

March 14, 2016–Toronto     Today is Commonwealth Day, highlighting an organization which has grown from days of empire to a group made up mostly of republics. Across Canada, the official nod to the day is to fly a flag — not the Commonwealth flag, the British flag. The federal government requires the Union Jack flown at […]

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Stamps, coins, should feature Canadians, not royals

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 19, 2016 –Toronto    A patriotic group seeking to give Canada its own head of state is calling on Canada Post to honour Canadians on its stamps instead of royalty in Britain. It’s also asking the Mint to put Canadians on the head of Canadian coins–something the Mint has never done. The […]

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Union Jack is just the tip of the flagpole

Canadian flag

You’ll forgive Syrian refugees who arrived Friday if they’re a little confused about where they’ve landed. Ottawa ordered all federal facilities to fly the British flag on December 11–including at airports. It does so every year to mark the anniversary of the Statute of Westminster, the British act which finally recognized Canadian nationhood in 1931. […]

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